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What will your hair texture naturally do? } braids for kids

Hair is necessary for our lives braids for kids. We sometimes worry about our hair styling. Sometimes they are
worried about the health of their hair.
Of course, healthy hair makes a person look attractive.
Hair’s health is dependent on our diet. If the diet contains ingredients like Protein, our hair will
be healthy.
The shape of the hair is different. In the same way, the characteristics are also separate. The
types of hair in terms of the element are as follows.
1. Thin hairs
2. Medium hairs
3. Thick hairs
4. Oily hairs
5. Dry hairs
Thin hairs:
Thin hair is such a type of hair, Which is the most common. The more hair there is, the more
circles it looks like, But if the hair is healthy. So they easily withstand the heat of dust, dirt, and
hot appliances. Excessive use of hot instruments makes hair dry, lifeless, and dull. Rough hair
looks very bad.
Medium hairs:
Medium hairs are medium hair. They are neither too thin nor too thick.
Such hair can withstand dust, dirt, and temperature. We can use hair dyes with high chemicals
on them.
Thick hairs:
Thick hair is the third type of hair. Thick hair does not belong to most people. But in thick hair, all
kinds of cuts look great. Coarse hair tends to look bigger although, they are in small numbers.
Coarse hair is a little harder to dye. These hairs do not color quickly.
Oily hairs:
Some hairs are oily. After washing, sebum starts to come out quickly from the scalp of these
hairs, Which connects the head hairs. Such hair needs to wash daily. Some home remedies can
temporarily get rid of this hair problem.

Dry hairs:
Dry hair is also a type of head hair. There is also dryness on their scalp, head hairs looking like
a bunch. Head hairs are weaker by the root. It is necessary to apply a conditioner after washing
Scalp problems can solve by using some home remedies.
Here’s a homemade tip.
Boil the green leaf in water and after cooling, wash your head with this water. The green leaf
contains pentanol and antioxidants, Which are very beneficial for hair. They make some hair
Final thought:
The purpose is to treat the hair according to the type and quality of the hair.