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Islamic Education For The Porsche Panamera Users

Online Quran Academy

The purpose of our Online Quran academy is to educate Muslims on the principles of the holy Quran and help them live their lives based on the basics of Islam. We are very proud of our work and attempt to help make our sisters and brothers good Muslims. By following a step-by-step process that is designed keeping in mind the aim to teach our students in a correct manner and intelligently we strive to help the students learn Quran using tajweed thoroughly. Being able to take courses online students are able to pick the times that fit your schedule and learn all from the comfort of their own home and receive advice from our

Learn Quran with Us in Simple Method

Even if you’ve been to a place for holidays with your children and are not able to attend classes this online Quran learning experience keeps you in touch with us all day long. Our experienced Quranic teachers understand the importance of time for everyone so they are very punctual and never skip classes regardless of the reason. You can be sure that when you begin learning these online Quran lessons with us you’ll be studying Quran quickly and on time.

Free Trial Classes

  • Word for word Quran learning through Tajweed.
  • Special attention is paid to slow learners.
  • Online Quran memorization.
  • Female Quran female teachers as well as children.
  • Expert Quran teachers who speak English smoothness.
  • Monthly progress assessments and
  • The timings that work for you.
  • Various Islamic and Quranic classes if you’d like.

Quran School has been considered to be the top online Quran Academy since the year 2008 Alhamdulillah. If you live in an area that has an absence of a Learn Quran Online for females you can go with us. We will instruct each student on a personal basis. There is no group-based system since we teach on a one-to-one basis. Females are also comfortable with women instructors. This is why we have confidence in our sisters.

The Quran Academy with Free Trial Class

The Quran Academy online provides trial classes for our students. The best teaching is our lore so schedule your free trial lesson with us by calling us. We do not charge you for these trial lessons. These classes are completely free to you. So grab this opportunity and take the trial classes for free during two running days. We invite you to get in touch with us to begin learning about the Holy teachings with us.