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Fix the most common Graco Magnum problems

The most annoying part about painting is when your paint sprayer breaks down in the middle of a project. Unless you have access to an airless service, repairing it yourself can be difficult or time consuming- depending on what’s wrong with it! Sending away for repairs takes too long sometimes and there are plenty who would love having these jobs done locally instead so they don’t miss any deadlines.

The Graco Magnum is a popular choice with preppers due to its high mobility, capacity and power. However, there are several common problems that owners have reported with their Magnums over the years.

Before you read any further, I have recently reviewed some of the best EMP blankets on the market. These things are seriously cool!

Now let’s take a look at the most common Graco Magnum problems and how to fix them…

Noisy Operation​

Graco magnum paint sprayers are probably the number 1 problem with the Graco Magnum. Upon first receiving your unit, you might notice that it rattles quite loudly when running the motor.

This is due to several nuts and bolts not being properly tightened during assembly at the factory. Thankfully these are easy to fix by simply tightening them up, so let’s move on to problem number two?

Graco Magnum Will Not Start or Stops Running​

There are quite a few things that could be causing this problem, so let’s look at them one by one.

One of the graco magnum paint sprayers problems with these type of air compressors is that they eat up spark plugs. If your unit stops working in the middle of usage it could be the perfect time to upgrade your plug to a more high-performance version.

Another common reason for the motor failing to start is a lack of oil. The air compressor should have come with an oil bottle, so be sure it’s filled up before you try restarting your unit.

If this doesn’t work, check on the power cord connection. This sounds simple but I have seen several people not tighten up their cord correctly and cause a no start condition.

Very Slow Air Compressor​

This is one of the most common graco magnum paint sprayers problems and is usually related to an issue with the intake filter.

Check on the filter by removing it from its housing and checking for any clogs or debris inside. When you put it back in, make sure that both sides snap securely in place.

How do I Fix Graco Magnum Leaks?​

Leaks are one of the more frustrating problems with the Graco Magnum since they are not always easy to pinpoint. The most common leaks are usually at the oil drain plug and supply hose fittings.

To fix the oil drain plug leak you will need to replace the metal washer under the bolt head with a new one. If this doesn’t work, you could also try replacing the entire plug .

The supply hose connections can also cause problems and should be checked and tightened if needed. This replacement part looks to be a good fit for your unit.

Graco Magnum is Getting Too Hot​

Heat buildup is a common problem with the Graco Magnum and can be caused by a few things. First, make sure you have a proper air intake filter installed to keep dust and debris from building up in the mechanism. If this doesn’t work, then the next thing to check is your oil level. An air compressor that does not have enough oil will cause it to overheat and eventually stop working altogether.

Finally, the exhaust tube can be a potential problem area if there isn’t enough space to move freely. This can easily be fixed by adding a flexible extension pipe between the unit and tube to increase air flow.

Spray Gun Spitting

Graco spray guns are known for spitting paint, but there could be one or more reasons why yours is doing so. The first thing you need to do when using any type of airless spraying system on your Graco Spray Gun (no matter what size) is get into the habit of releasing pressure beyond where you’re painting; this will help avoid droplets landing too heavily in certain areas and leave less chance that they’ll show up as spots later down line during finishing processes like cabinet/door production.

Primed Pump

Your Graco sprayer should have been primed too during set up to remove any air from the pump and hose. Without priming, this can lead spit because there is still trapped inside of it which causes Buying Spitting Product Keys from Your Local Hardware Store for More Than You Worth.

Priming Agent

When your airless sprayer is giving you trouble, it can be frustrating. There are a few things that could potentially cause this problem and need to get fixed as soon possible! One of those problems includes excessive priming agent in the system which will make everything pressurized when turned on but not provide any flow or force behind whatever product its being used for – like painting furniture with latex paint thinned out over time before use (which isn’t ideal). Another issue may result if there has been flooding somewhere nearby since water might end up getting into one component along.