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A Look at How Trends have Changed over the Years


If you’re like most people, style, and fashion are something that’s always on your mind. You want to know what the latest styles and trends are, and how to achieve them. This article is here to give you a few tips about style and fashion trends over the years.

We all remember the 90s right?

It was such a crazy decade when it came to style, with such memorable looks like flannel shirts (we all owned at least two), Doc Martens (those were definitely in style for a while), baby doll dresses, parachute pants, overalls, ripped denim jeans, long sleeve crop tops paired with miniskirts. Oh, man. The list could go on forever…

But let’s take a little trip down memory lane and check out the style and Denimjacketmaker fashion trends of each decade. We’re sure you’ll be surprised to find out some style choices that your parents wore in their younger days, and we think you might be able to relate yourself at least a little bit with some of these looks!

The 1950s:

It was all about practicality when it came to style in the ’50s. Since there were so many household items being made from plastic instead of metal, women had an easier time getting dressed since they didn’t have to worry about wearing too much jewelry or accessories that would get ruined if they accidentally bumped into someone or something. For this decade’s style, high-waisted skirts were popular, as well as pencil skirts. As seen on Marilyn Monroe, they were typically paired with white button-downs and red lipstick. For young girls who aspired to style like their favorite movie stars, wearing flip flops was a popular style choice.

The 1960s:

Wearing clothes that were easy to wear was also very common in the ’60s. Ponytails not only became very popular but hair spray started being heavily used for style. Women wanted a style that was both practical and pretty, so knee-length skirts, shift dresses, headbands, long-sleeved midis paired with flat shoes or cropped white denim jacket were all fashion staples for this decade. The Beatles style has definitely influenced how people wore their hair during this time: longer on top, shorter on the sides, combed back into a “wet look” style.

The 1970s:

The ’70’s style was all about having fun and looking pretty along the way. This decade was really when style became all about self-expression with bright colors, funky patterns, big hair, disco balls, chokers, jumpsuits & flares. For those of you who love to wear leggings as pants or believe that one should always have a denim jacket in their closet, you can thank the ’70s for those trends!

The 1980s:

In the 1980s style had become more feminine with glitter and glam. If you remember wanting a pair of leg warmers or knee-high boots back then you’re not alone! As far as fashion goes, this style included more fitted clothing like skinny jeans paired with striped shirts, loose-fitted tops over bright colored leggings, tube dresses, wrap style dresses, and even more denim jackets with patterns on them.

The 1990s:

Fast forward to the 1990s when style was all about being casual and comfortable while also looking effortlessly stylish. Oversized clothing definitely ruled the style during this time with baggy overalls, knee-length skirts & skorts paired with loose-fitting T-shirts or flannel button-downs that were worn backward while holding a skateboard! Not something you would imagine seeing in today’s fashion magazines but it definitely happened.

The 2000s

The 2000’s style included skinny jeans for both men and women along with graphic tees. For women, it was very common to wear flowing maxi skirts or denim skirts with floppy hats, choker necklaces, Adidas sandals, or even UGG-style boots.

The 2010s

The style of this decade has changed in comparison to the previous decades due to the internet being so influential when it comes to fashion. So what do you think our future style will be? ¬†Will it include jumpsuits paired with combat-style boots and high waist short shorts? Maybe hologram-style clothing like the galaxy shirt trend? Whatever happens, we’re sure that style won’t stop evolving!