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10 Amazing Facts About Your Eyes

Most people take their vision for granted. They assume that they will have a perfect 20/20 vision their entire lives. However, that is not always the case. There are a number of eye illnesses that can affect people at any age. Eye illnesses أمراض العيون and how to prevent them. We hope this information helps you keep your eyes healthy and improve your quality of life.

Your eye is a crucial part of your anatomy and the one body organ that you wouldn’t want to lose. The eye has many components, each playing an important role in how well it functions.

Working Parts

The eye has about 2 million working parts inside as compared to a computer, which has around 50,000 components.

For your eye to focus on an object, it uses muscles that change the shape of the eye by relaxing or tensing to bring close or distant objects into focus. The eye is extremely sensitive and can detect a single candle flame at a distance of more than 20 miles away.

Eye vs Camera

The eye is able to process images five times faster than an ordinary camera. You can see about 250,000 colors, while a computer is only capable of processing 16 million colors.

The eye has the ability to send messages to your brain at speeds that are 20-25% faster than the quickest fast computer in the world.

Newborn babies are able to distinguish 50 different shapes by the time they are only 3 months old. However, after one month, the eye can distinguish up to 200 shapes, while by two years of age; a child can see about 1,500 different shapes.

Eye Structure

The eye is similar to a camera since it has an iris, retina, cornea, and pupil. The eye also has an opening at the bottom called a tear duct, eyelashes, eyelids, and an optic nerve which is very similar to the lens.

The eye has 100,000 tiny hairs on its surface, which makes it more sensitive to detect light while increasing exponentially its ability to collect light in dark conditions. The eye also has 1 million cells per square millimeter, which is 100 times more than the eye has on its surface making it extremely sensitive to detect light while increasing exponentially its ability to collect light in dark conditions.

Producing Tears

The eye is constantly producing tears, and each eye will produce about 1 liter of tears a day. Throughout your life, you can produce about 216 liters of tears. They keep your eye moist and free from dust, dirt, and other debris.

Eye’s Clarity

The eye is the only organ in our body that lets us see all the wonders in the world around us. It enables you to see objects in their true form, color, and clarity. The eye’s ability to adjust its shape allows you to focus on a number of objects at different distances.

The eye is an organ that works hard for you, so don’t take your eye health for granted. Always see your eye doctor if you experience any eye issues or feel discomfort in your eyes, especially when it comes to eye diseases like glaucoma.

Eye illness (أمراض العيون) can be very serious, so better safe than sorry. Even things like eye injuries can happen when you least expect it. Be on the lookout for any eye discomfort and visit our Castro Valley optometry clinic to keep your eyes healthy all year round!

Healthy eyes are happy eyes—so go ahead and follow these eye tips to maintain eye health.

Causes of eye illness

If you experience eye problems or any eye illness (أمراض العيون), it’s the most obvious sign that something is wrong.

There are a number of eye illnesses (أمراض العيون) and eye diseases out there, which may seem harmless at first but if left untreated could result in serious damage to your eyesight.

In injury cases, be sure to see an eye doctor immediately. An eye injury can cause serious eye problems so never wait to see if the eye problem will go away on its own. Always be safe and get it checked out by one of our eye doctors in Castro Valley.

The most common eye issues are Eye Strain, Headaches, Dry Eyes, Eye fatigue, Computer vision syndrome, Floaters, Blurred vision, Double vision, Sunlight eye damage.

When it comes to your eyes, you may know a lot more than you think. These 10 facts about the human eye are just scratching the surface of what’s going on behind those two circles that you see every day. Some people don’t realize that their vision can be affected by everything from diabetes, high blood pressure or anemia to anxiety and depression. If none of these sound like they apply to you (and if this article doesn’t either), then take some time soon for an annual checkup with your ophthalmologist; especially if there is any history of glaucoma in your family.